27 Quick Marketing Tips for White Paper Lead Generation

Getting your papers found and read in the new social and mobile era

For both experienced and new white paper marketers, these tips will help you keep pace with the massive shift in the way white papers are being discovered and consumed.

The cloud, social, mobile, and content marketing are converging to render the PDF obsolete in the world of the new business reader. Several recent B2B content surveys indicate up to 60% of business content is now consumed in the cloud. Now is the time to move your content there.

These tips will make your papers compatible with the new reading habits of your target market and reach them before your competitors do.

This Paper Explores:

  • Methods to convert your content to cloud-ready

  • Best ways to reach the new mobile and social business reader

  • Ideas for generating content that will get discovered and shared

  • And much more

Thank you,
The B2Lead Team
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